A New Standard for Transparency in DeFi

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3 min readNov 22, 2023

While on-chain lending holds the potential for unparalleled transparency with publicly auditable transactions and access to real-time data, much of this information is obfuscated across numerous sources and hard to decipher interfaces. Not only does this negate a primary benefit of having an on-chain ledger, but users are left relying on secondhand information, bereft of agency and susceptible to manipulation by bad actors

As DeFi continues to advance its scope and onboard new audiences, it’s essential to provide these new waves of users with the means to quickly comprehend and interact with protocols. These experiences should not only copy familiar user experiences but also provide users with relevant information needed to advance their knowledge. In on-chain lending, this means providing a clear understanding of how funds are managed, how returns are generated, and what the risks are.

GoldLink’s goal is to continue building on the inherent transparency in DeFi, providing a human-readable interface that allows users to quickly gather the information needed to make informed investment decisions and a community that fosters education and clarity. In this article, we’ll lay out how we plan to do this:

Real-Time Strategy Breakdowns:

Our first priority is to ensure that our users clearly understand how each strategy they participate in operates and generates returns. To facilitate this, we will display the minimum predefined criteria for all strategies giving lenders an understanding of the constraints in place to limit borrower activity. Additionally, we will provide comprehensive breakdowns of each strategy’s methodology and goals. This will include which protocols and coins they are exposed to, how leverage levels have been calculated, and relevant risk factors associated with the strategy.

Strategy Overviews

Transparent Risk Models:

As we onboard investment strategies, each strategy will undergo a thorough internal review, allowing us to properly assess and rate its risk factors. The invariants used to calculate these scores will be publicly available, along with a description and rationale for each score. This information will not only be used to inform risk metrics on the platform but also provided to our users as a tool to better understand the different elements that may impact their overall returns and risk.

Transparent Risk Models

Simplified Visualizations:

DeFi users often rely on multiple third-party platforms for a complete picture of their investments. This additional friction scares many users away and leads many others to make uninformed investments. Additionally, these third-party platforms each have their own individual learning curve and are often not intended for use by casual or new investors.

GoldLink aims to simplify this due diligence process, consolidating a broad array of information into our interface. With a focus on lowering friction in this discovery process, we will take what could be an overwhelming volume of data and consolidate it across several easy-to-read modules, using simple visualizations to reduce the learning curve for new users. These modules will allow users to see where all assets are deployed in real-time and understand why at a glance.

Real-Time Updates on Deployment

Transparent Lines of Communication:

We’re available! Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in partnering, have suggestions, or want to learn more.

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